Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello friends. Long time, no post from me. This summer I was focusing my creative energies into making a food blog about my market share experience, the fruits of which gave me biological energies. It was a winning situation all around. Check it out, if you want to, at

Anyway, I've returned to this, my lovely domain, because I am going to try to blog about my experience this "semester" as part of batch[4] of Hacker School. It is a three month program where we become better programmers by just doing a lot of projects and talking about them. Hacker School is a neat environment because it seems to be very nurturing of people of all skill levels. I hope to use this blog as a way to chronicle my experiences, which I anticipate will be very different from the "scholastic" programming environments I'm used to.

Though my academic interests may have seemed to shift away from the human languages poked at by (psycho)linguistics and more towards programming languages, I really hope and anticipate that many of my projects will revolve around words, patterns, and networks. Other things too though...

Follow Hacker School at @hackerschool, if ya want.

I start Monday!